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Pole Star are a leading provider of Infrastructure Asset Management software worldwide, excelling in the delivery of customised infrastructure asset management solutions to support public and private sector business.

From condition surveys and inspection data to work-bank management and business intelligence, our Asset Management System will help you make the right business decisions and achieve savings over the whole-life of your assets whilst maintaining and improving your efficiencies.

User Friendly systems

Our solutions are renowned for their intuitive and user-friendly interfaces, allowing your team to quickly adopt the system to their needs and use all its powerful functionality, including interfacing to other systems.

Powerful solution

Our SAAS solution is designed using the latest technologies and utilise the cloud to ensure the highest levels of efficiency and productivity. Whether you want to work in the office, or on-site, our solutions can support even the most complex requirements and provide Business Logic, Management tools and detailed Inspection modules as standard.


We understand that every customer's requirements are different, and not everyone is a programmer. We therefore include full customisation support as standard, and with every solution, you get the product you want when you need it!

Work Anywhere

Pole Star's services allows the customer to utilise current technology using smartphones such as the iPhone and Android handsets to gather field data and look at the assets on the ground. The handsets do not need to be connected to the internet for them to gather data as the system can work offline. Additionally there is no need to install software on PC as the service is online based meaning there no difficult setup you can start using the service in seconds.


The Pole Star AM team has over 10 years experience pulling from disciplines such as civil engineering, software engineering and mobile phone industry to provider a real time modern and evolving solution to current days challenges.

Real Time Assets

What do we mean by Real Time Assets

We have developed a system which operates with live data both in the field and in the office. The field data capture device sends and receives data every time a record is changed. The website records all data changes; these processes ensure that the user is using the latest version of the data.

All changes are recorded on the overview tab. This is a very powerful feature as it allows you to track the complete history of a project from conception to delivery and beyond.

For support or assistance please visit our support site at www.polestar.me and submit a ticket.


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