Once an examination is complete an evaluation of the data is required. The evaluation will be designed to verify the examination and any actions associated with the asset. The evaluation is essential to benchmark all assets against one another, record reactive and planned work, observe degradation rates of various types of assets and review examinations with a possible outcome of updating guidance / training of the examiners.

Seamless Examination to Evaluation

Pole Star manages evaluations as part of the asset management process. Once the examination is completed the asset is flagged as evaluation required. The examination can be available within minutes of the examination being completed. Various rules can be attributed to the evaluations including periods of time required to do an evaluation with triggers and alerts, statistics showing number of evaluations required and completed and a pre-defined risk ranking criteria. Once the evaluation is complete the outcome will be either to accept or reject the examination and verify the work items required.

Rejected examinations can be returned to the examination contract whereas accepted examinations can progress through the asset management cycle to minor / major works.

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