Examinations / Inspections

Regular examinations / inspections of assets are required to establish asset condition.

We offer real time data capture from the field to the office using a native app on mobile devices.

Empower your examiners with the latest data capture software available. Design, edit and manage your own questions. Use features and functionality of your mobile device to capture accurate, consistent and precise asset information.
We offer an additional consultancy facility to help you design the perfect questionnaire / examination of your asset.


Digitise your exams to save time, effort and increase safety.
Many companies use paper based examinations coupled with photos. These exams are then taken back into the office to be typed up and formatted. By digitising every exam at source considerable savings can be made in examination time and finance.

Case study: Examination

Precision and Accuracy

Create examinations with controlled Information input. Specify drop down menus, alpha and numerical fixed input and design in calculations and algorithms. Mobile features (elements) can be used to record specific asset data including angle, length, area etc.


Examinations can be received within minutes of them being completed. Safety issues can be sent through the business instantly to start mitigating and report.


Assets can have specific examination frequency as set. All exams go into the project management calendar with alerts for due and overdue examinations.

Exam Types

Scheduled Exams Reactive Exams Safety Risk Quality Assurance
General Inspection Special Examination Safety Inspection Flood Risk Engineering Verification
Principle Inspection Special Inspection Safety Patrols High Risk Quarterly Review Checklist (QRC)
Detailed Inspection Additional Exams
Visual Examination
Detail Examination

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