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At Pole Star we realise the need to not only create a great system and deploy it but also the need for fantastic people management. We offer consultancy, training and on going support with our products.


We will work with you to understand your requirements and design a system applicable to what you need. One of our consultants can plot out the "as is" and design the "to be".

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Training is essential with every new product especially with software and process. We offer training packages with all our infrastructure asset management products. The training is tailor made for the system and people using it.


Support is split into three types: help, software and process.

An online help is available to all users of the system. This is a 24/7 help page to assist users in helping themselves. Details of all functionality is available at

The software is picked up by technical department and available with every account.

The process is managed by your designated account manager. They will support you and your employees to makes sure everyone knows the process and the system.

For support or assistance please visit our support site at and submit a ticket.


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