Fixed asset are physical assets such as land, buildings and infrastructure. The assets can be either temporary or permanent features and made up of assets owned or are responsible for by the company. It is vital for owning or responsible company of the assets to know:

  • Asset Location
  • Asset Count
  • Asset Condition
  • Degradation rate of the asset or asset group
  • Third party influences which affect the assets

This is the very basic asset information required to manage your assets.

Asset Location

Geographically populate your assets on the digital map, All assets can be viewed on a digital map whether they are fixed based or mobile, Different markers and icons can be used to distinguish between the various assets. Icons can change depending on an asset condition or risk.

Asset Count

Once all the assets have been located an accurate asset count can be realised. Assets can be updated if new assets are located, constructed or removed. Non fixed based assets require a check in and out system or mobile trackers.

Asset Condition

The asset condition can be obtained via examination. Please see Asset Condition

Asset Degradation

The asset degradation can be obtained via assessment. Please see Asset Assessment

Third Party Influences

Once the assets have been populated in the system additional information can be added to show the third party influences. Multiple maps can be added to view issues like flooding, historic buildings and environmental concerns.

Typical maps include:[1]

  • Geological
  • Environmental
  • Flooding
  • Historic
  • Crime
  • Weather
  • Risk

Data can be added from other asset company to show how their assets influences on your assets. Pole Star can also be set up to connect with another asset management or examination systems.

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