It is important to initiate the correct asset upgrade to realise the right whole life cost.

This involves making the right decision when to maintain, renew or replace an asset and record all decisions of asset upgrade to understand whole life costs.

Write your upgrade remits and share with the maintenance team, poject manager and complete accounts, snag and keep a full record.

Share all remit or specific remit data with contractors and maintenance departments.


Write a digital remit with all specifications identified. Include site photos, location, requirements. Update the remit as required with site photos and additional information.


Take the original remits on site to quality assure the work and specify snagging. Record all snagging to track completeness. Add site complete photos and include in the health and safety file.

Project Management

Add key dates to the remit and track these on the calendar. Get alerts when dates are due or not met.


Record all financial information to show if a project is financially on track, if efficiencies have been realised and if project costs go over.

  • Asset Maintenance
    • Scheduled maintenance
    • On-going maintenance
    • Reactive maintenance
    • Risk reduction maintenance
  • Asset Renewal
  • Asset Refurbishment
  • Asset Replacement
  • Asset Enhancement

Asset replacement is an essential element to asset management to realise whole life cost. The asset will either become too expensive to maintain / renew or 3rd party conditions may change like the environment or legislation. At this point it becomes necessary to replace the asset with a relevant substitute. The new asset may have similar function but have very different looks and features.

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