Pole star has been commissioned to make the examination and inspection routine more efficient and easier to use in the railway environment.

Within the civil engineering discipline exaiminations are carried out on all asset including structures, earthworks and drainage. The exams are completed using either pen and paper supported with a digital camera or a basic data capture facility. The challenge was to centralise all examinations and produce a straight forward process from inspection to maintainance.

Mapping The Process

The "as is" process was mapped out to identify the end to end process including interfaces with systems and people, duplication of effort, reliability and quality of data The "to be" process was then designed with Pole Star to improve efficiency, reduce costs and increase quality.

The outcome identified:

  • A new examination process
  • Key performance indicators (KPI's)
  • Define specific output reports


The new system populates all assets on a digital map to make locating them in the field very easy. It allows the examiner to open previous reports and add new examinations and maintenance items.


Once the examination is complete it automatically sends the evaluator the latest reports and maintenance for validation. Triggers are set if a maintenance item is high risk to highlight the item. The evaluator completes their review and either accepts or reports examination and maintenance items.


The evaluated maintenance items are packaged together and sent to the maintenance schedule system. Once the items are completed the system is updated with the new status.

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