Remote monitoring is the process of monitoring a parameter of an asset automatically.

Pole Star has a built in ARM suite to allow the client to plug in any type of real time / scheduled monitoring.

The use of ARM allows the client to view the health of an asset for decay, trending, failure, security and assurance. Remote monitoring can be used for multiple tasks including decay, trending, failure, security and assurance.


Pole Star has a camera interface to allow the client to set up either static or real time cameras to review an asset. In tandem with the cameras movement tracking monitors can be set up to know the location of an asset.


Assets can be equipped with sensors to review rates of decay. The sensor needs to be correctly chosen depending on the type of decay. Once a sensor is installed readings can be captured either live or scheduled and displayed in the ARM suite. Trigger levels and alerts can be set up within ARM to send emails and text messages to clients to alert them of a further asset decay or failure.

Case study: Asset Remote Monitoring


Weather can have catastrophic consequences on assets over either a period of time or instantly. It is important to understand how an asset is affected by weather and weather events. ARM allows the client to view real time weather maps over their assets and plug in weather sensors like weather stations. Using these sensors and monitoring it is possible to view what weather the asset is being subjected to.

The weather sensors can be used reactively and to review consequences relating to an event.

Reactive Weather Monitoring

Triggers and alerts can be placed on a weather sensor if an asset is under threat of a particular weather event. An example of this is flooding. A trigger can be set on a river level sensor near a vulnerable asset. if a certain water height is realised the sensor can inform the client. The graphical display will show the height of the water over time so an informed decision about the asset can be made.

Post Mortem of an event

If a failure occurs back analysis can be completed on the weather data to understand the trigger(s) of the failure.

Live weather is plugged into ARM through a 3rd party provider.

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