Construction is the process of building or assembling infrastructure. There are many activities and professions associated with construction.

The successful construction of any new asset requires a range of people in different disciplines and with various skill sets to communicate in what is normally a dynamic environment.

Pole Star allows complete transparency of the project where required between various departments and disciplines all in real time. The users on the ground using Pocket Pole Star have the same data as the people in the office. When changes are made to plans processes and procedures everybody has access to it.

Project Management

Pole Star has a sophisticated project management tools built into it. It allows you to add all your project information regarding deadlines, finance, safety documents. The documents are kept with the individual project for easy reference.


All project files can be stored within the project. Historically project files are stored in various drives within the IT system. By centralising the information it makes it easier to locate and use. The type of files relating to each project are: Health and Safety documents, CDM information, standards and competences etc.

Calendar and Deadline

Projects need to be planned thoroughly with specific deadlines and dates of achievement. Dates entered into the Pole Star system will automatically appear on the calendar belonging to the project. These can then be shared with additional calendars like Outlook.

Message Board

Each project has its own message board. The message board is an area designed to post live messages about the project. Instead of personalised emails where project information can get lost or be inaccessible the project messages and correspondence stay within each project.

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